We Will Be Given Strength

963.1Question: In Erich Maria Remarque’s in The Arc de Triomphe the character Dr. Ravic is a stateless refugee in Paris in the unstable period between World Wars I and II. He is a skilled, but unlicensed surgeon who “ghost operates” on patients on behalf of lesser-skilled French surgeons.

He was stripped him of his German citizenship and unable to exist legally anywhere else in western Europe; Ravic manages to hang on. He is one of many displaced refugees, stateless people without passports or documents who live under constant threat of being captured and deported from one country to the next.

In the novel it is written that he lived, and that was enough. The era was unstable, so why try to build something if everything will inevitably collapse soon? He was portrayed as thinking it is better to go with the flow without wasting your strength since strength is the only thing that cannot be restored. Holding on was what was important, and the less strength you spend, the better. It is better to keep them in reserve.

Do you think it is right in difficult times, to lay low and not to waste your strength, and just hold on? Even if it is projected to our time. We have a similar time, you might say. How does one survive in this time which is rather vague?

Answer: Our time is not what it was then. I do not think it is that vague. Nowadays we are not in a state where we can declare something and it will affect something. Here such forces are involved in the battle among themselves that, no matter what you squeak, no one will take it into account.

Question: Then tell me, how do we live in such a time?

Answer: Exist. Today everything is so captured by all kinds of bodies in all countries—in all of them!—that all your attempts are futile.

Question: Is this how one should live? How?

Answer: No, I have my own line. I believe that a person should be educated on the topic of who governs the world, how the world is governed, and how to enter this upper governance and act through it. But this is not politics or journalism, nothing like that.

I think that this is the way we can seriously affect the world.

Question: So do you think that is why this time has come, so that we have such opportunities?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is there such a thing as courage in order to come to this?

Answer: There is a different kind of courage here; it is in the fact that you have to confront your inner doubts, attitudes, and so on. That is the main thing.

Question: And the doubts are mainly: What kind of force is this? Does it exist at all?

Answer: Yes. We need to work to reveal it and to use it to move the world.

Question: Is this task peculiar to a strong person? Or can it become the task of any person to live like this and search?

Answer: I think that a person should feel a response in his heart. And then he will have the strength.

Question: So is the strength also given to him from above?

Answer: It will be given to him. He just needs to make a small effort. It is the same right to go through the years with the same goal, to despair and still get up and go.

Question: Can one person do this? Can he tune himself like this, all on his own?

Answer: I don’t know. Everyone is called Adam.

Question: From the word “similar to the Creator”? Is it about everyone?

Answer: About everyone, of course.

Question: What is your main advice nowadays?

Answer: Be human!

Question: Be Adam?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/1/22

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