When the Animal Body Disappears

938.03Question: Suppose I am looking at someone and see certain character traits in him. My task is not to see these qualities. But how can I realize that I am still working with these properties? How can I see them not separately from myself?

Answer: Every part of your soul seems to be separated from yourself. It is fully equipped with an autonomous system: the body, the nervous system, and everything that is in it. And when you begin to connect these parts to yourself, you see that the animal body can be dropped altogether and only its inner part remains.

All the features of a friend, his character, properties, memory, and everything else become connected to you except for your inanimate, vegetative, and animate components. It just disappears because it relates to our world. Everything else belongs to spirituality, so it is combined into a single whole, into one single system.

When a person comes in contact with other people, then all properties begin to manifest themselves in forces of rejection between him and others. He sees 613 different forces of rejection that he must correct.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Mirror Of a Soul” 10/4/12

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