What Is Worth Thinking About?

583.05Question: Reshimot (informational genes) awaken in us every day, and we must implement them. But if a person does not study Kabbalah, these Reshimot accumulate, and then some pressure must occur for him to make a leap forward. Ultimately, he must recognize that he is obligated to do this.

Who is to blame for the fact that a person does not wake up?

Answer: No one is to blame! No one is to blame for anything yet.

But gradually, the guilty ones will be those in whose hands the method of correction of humanity lies and they do not make every possible effort starting with themselves: “I am to blame! I am the main perpetrator!”

And then everyone else goes through the same process, including you because you know about it. And whether it passes through you further or you become a plug in the way of passing this information, is worth thinking about.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Is it All Laitman’s Fault?” 10/1/12

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