What Is Attainment?

226Question: You said that attainment is the perception of the opposite. Is this the correct definition of attainment?

Answer: Yes, attainment appears only from the perception of the opposite. Otherwise, there would be nothing.

The Creator does not have this. In the absolute, if we can somehow talk about His existence outside of us, everything exists outside the definition of a thing from its absence, some property from its opposite, light-darkness. It exists only in us.

Therefore, we must accumulate many sensations of light-darkness in ourselves and from this create a picture of the world and of ourselves.

Question: What is attainment for all sorts of gurus, for example, Indian yogis?

Answer: This is the psychology of our world. The time will come when people will rise above it.

They will see where the science of attainment called Kabbalah is, and where the beliefs and personal impressions of a person are, which he somehow gained in our world and which are mainly based on rituals: how to dress, dance, sit down, stand up, and so on. All this is connected with his material life, his physical body, some actions, words, and everything else.

But here there is none of that. This means that if an initial desire for spirituality arises in a person, then the method of its development does not at all apply to our world.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Is Attainment?” 9/15/12

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