Spiritual Attainment Is Sensual

Laitman_036Question: How is it possible to know that a person has ascended spiritually in internal contact with the Creator and that it is not the ego deceiving him?

Answer: This is a complex matter, yet I think that it is possible to feel it to the same degree that a person understands the books and the Kabbalah lessons in feeling.

If a person feels that the lessons are having an influence on him and he wants to feel them more, this testifies to his advancement. The main thing is feeling because spiritual attainment is sensual.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/29/17

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  1. Spiritual attainment, or more likely a granted, leaves no doubt, no time and no room for any questions, in fact no wall of any form is left at all. As long as there is doubt or questioning, it is the sign of advancement, as one who advances, he is not rendered yet at destination and even though he, she, has no doubt on the foundation, the direction of the path he, she walks, there are still questions and letters harrassing he, she. This is advancement of men and women in this world. Before the answer would reveal as the question spells, one should ask oneself what time, delay, discursion, he, she takes to ask the Creator “how would You do this? ” and what time it takes for the answer to return.
    Until it is all burnt, exhausted. If some seconds are erased, it is eternal and therefore beyond anything that would come within the form of letters, whether question or belief. Rather the letters trace their ways as birds fly in the sky and there is nothing to add to it, even though one remains a total ignorant.

  2. Funny thing we picture ego as a prairie dog popping its head up just long enough for us to get annoyed at what that could mean and then bop It on the head and make it disappear from sight. It’s still asking for this and that. We are told who? does this? It is ever present until it is FORGOTTEN as our identity changes. Our words and spirit beliefs align with true purpose for the movement. Choose words that ALWAYS create what is wanted, so it is created.

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