False Freedom

168Comment: In our world a person is judged by his achievements in society, to what status he reaches.

My Response: To what status? Sometimes I watch the news on TV channels and that’s it. All other programs talk about all kinds of frauds, murders, punishments, about the army—everything is forceful. The triumph of power is promoted: here we are him, and he is us, who will crush whom, and so on.

Is it really possible to educate the population about this?! Not even just to educate, but somehow to nurture a new generation.

What kind of person do you end up with? We have no idea what we are doing with society at the same time! Or is this the state program? Maybe it’s called freedom: Do what you want?! This is terrible!

And the Internet is not a free field either. They are led by serious forces; the state should think about what is happening in the field of the Internet. There are laws for its development, switching, and management. Or does the state think it’s OK to have so many porn sites there? It is an unreasonable approach! This also affects a person!

Of course, things like violence and murder, should be mentioned but in a very limited way so that we can see that there are such things. People need to be educated! Man is an animal. Once he climbed down from a tree, but today he is worse than in those days.

So where is this government policy?! Any parliament in the world deals only with internal bruising and nothing else. Look at the structure of the world, what selfishness has brought us to!

I’m not against crime films. But these should be isolated cases from which you can learn something, and not shown on all channels. By watching all this, negative examples are deposited in our brain, and we are already acting on these patterns: This is how I saw it in this film. These pictures pop up in a person, and he realizes them. This is the current upbringing.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. A Man Is Judged by His Deeds.” 6/16/12

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