What Mass Media Teaches Us

272Question: The age limit for being accountable for committing crimes is gradually decreasing. In some countries, teenagers have been responsible since the age of 12. But we see that despite the fact that this bar is constantly lowering, nothing helps. Crime is growing particularly among teenagers.

Why is this happening? From the point of view of Kabbalah is a person at the age of 14 already an accomplished person? Is it possible to change something?

Answer: What about the age of 40? Is that not an accomplished person? It all depends on the person’s upbringing. If a person is brought up in Africa, in nature, in his clan among adults, then at the age of nine or 10 he is already an adult man. He understands how others act, all their states, all their relationships, and behaves the same way as they do in this world, which is natural for him.

If in our world both a child and an adult learn completely artificial relationships and actions from the television screen and unreal circumstances and conditions are shown to them, then they do not know what sort of world they are in at all. They go outside and replay the same scenes they have seen on television. As a result, even at 20, 30, and 40- years-old, it is all the same.

I look at people on the streets, they play what they hear on the radio, see on television. They just replay what the media gives them. Is it possible to call these people adults who are responsible for their actions? No!

You can talk to them and see how much they live automatically because that is how everyone lives. They don’t even think about it. They were not told that it is possible to live in any other way.

Everything depends on the upbringing of a person, on the measure of his independence and awareness of what he is doing.

Our current upbringing is aimed at teaching a person to stick to the TV screen and learn only from it how to act, talk, think, and so on. And what can we demand from him? Exactly what we give him.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Outlaw” 12/19/10

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