Creation and Evolution

Creation and EvolutionThe descent of the Upper Forces evokes the birth, or emergence, of an expanding universe, both the universe as a whole and each of its parts: the formation of microscopic particles and atoms, the complication of the structure of matter, chemical interactions that are set in motion by heating-uncharging and condensing-cooling, the formation of structures, the congestion of substances, and the formation of stars, galaxies and planets. On one of these planets, bio-polymers form – the basis of life. Their evolution constitutes the evolution of life, leading to the emergence of reason, consciousness, and eventually, the human, an intelligent bio-mass that is aware of its own existence – Behina 4 (Phase 4).

The human, however, is only the first and lowest degree of the ladder upon which he ascends (and the universe and this world ascend together with him). This ladder leads to the state where the human is fully conscious of the entire universe, a state called the World of Infinity, complete adhesion with the General Upper Force of the entire super-system.

As matter develops, its speed of development constantly increases. When the human emerges, the developing system’s acceleration is at its utmost. A social community of people emerges, and egoism’s growth develops it into an informational community. Mass media and communication channels unify everyone in one place, opinion, consciousness and experience. A person becomes a cell in the organism of the general system, similar to a cell in our body. Everyone’s unification within one organism is determined from the beginning. Every person’s dependence and influence on others is determined by the informational unification, rather than the physical one. The more the information is qualitatively developed, the greater influence it has on the entire system – an influence that is physical, informational, cognitive and spiritual. The spiritual influence bears the greatest result on the whole system, raising it in the general, collective consciousness to the level of the super-system – called “the Creator.”

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icon for podpress  A Talk about the Attainment of the Universe with Michael Laitman [01:36:38m]: Play Now | Download

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