Not All Habits Are Good

281.02Comment: A student who is not yet in attainment has a feeling that there is a certain force, but he does not use it as a Kabbalist because he does not understand it.

My Response: If he does not understand, then you cannot do anything. We must strive to reveal it.

The most important thing is not to feel crushed by everyday life so that what was yesterday is yesterday, today is completely new, and every time it is new more and more. It is hard but necessary for advancement. To meet every minute and ask yourself: “Well, what’s new?”—shake off the dust that settles on you every second.

Comment: The main problem is that many people freeze and enter a layer of some kind of habit.

My Response: That is the worst part. As Pushkin wrote, “Thus heaven’s gift to us is this: That habit takes the place of bliss.” This is terrible happiness. It is not only an animate level but the happiness of the dead, when you exist and that is it. We must fight this state.

Comment: But on the other hand, there is a need for a person to get used to something and at the same time always to be refreshed.

My Response: And what can you get used to? No way! Habit is death.

Habit should be only at the level of a conscious routine when you set certain tasks for yourself and set a routine in accordance with them. Then you really control yourself and your movements. But if you give yourself up to a dead routine, then that is it.
Everything can be changed and reconsidered at any time. This should be our habit.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Habit Kills.” 6/30/12

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