Agent Of the Secret Lodge

547.05Comment: I constantly look at the comments on your videos. Among the people making comments, there are those who believe that you work by following someone’s program, like a representative of some secret lodge.

My Response: What kind of secret lodge can we talk about if we talk about bestowal and love?!

There can be no mysteries here because you want to attract everyone to mutual bestowal and mutual love, to a society of reasonable consumption, balance, and equality, and you yourself remain on the sidelines, that is, not to lead all this and pursue some selfish goals. Where can there be any egoistic intention here?

I understand people. A person cannot believe that someone is working for an idea. The idea must be either religious or national. And when it is not against someone, but on the contrary, for universal equality, brotherhood, and unity, then it sounds unnatural.

Of course, people have thoughts that there must be some kind of underground society here, which may have decided in this way to break and destroy the world, with poor people and governments devoted to them and supposedly caring about them.

Today we have already reached the final stage of our development. Therefore, on the last straight line, they can say anything they want. Time is running so fast that they won’t have time to invent something.

There are some philosophers, all kinds of wise guys who twist everything the other way around. I once met with a famous politician and listened to his philosophy. It’s just an explosion of an unjustified and unconfirmed mystical extravaganza that you don’t know what to do with and also mentions angels, ghouls, devils and others. And, of course, all this negativity is attributed to Jews and all the positive is attributed to other peoples.

I think that people like this highly erudite person will eventually realize their confusion. It’s not their fault. I can respect him for his general knowledge. But I also understand that he relates the Jews and their mission from a completely opposite side.

He ascribes to them great powers, abilities, and versatility, considers them the greatest force in the world, that they practically determine the entire history, everything, everything, only from a negative point of view. It all depends upon the view. It will turn around for him and I think he will understand.

By the way, I am by no means offended by anyone. Let people know that I love them all. Just so that they will always read and study what I say, it doesn’t matter with what purpose, even to find something for which you can tease. And gradually it will sort itself out.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Agent Laitman” 6/16/12

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