Acceleration of Advancement

938.03Question: If a person steps out of the group for some time does it happen according to a program instilled within him?

Answer: No way! A person does not have a predetermined program in regards to approaching or distancing from the Creator! Everything exists within his freedom of will.

This is not predetermined in advance! There are some initial coefficients, constant data that are provided in the common system since this is a system rather than a single person and the Creator. This is a whole body: others will be influencing in some way, the world will be advancing in some way, some of its pieces, meaning souls will fall or rise in the movement toward the approaching and revealing the Creator together, in one single state.

The more effective this will be, the more it will influence a person. The more the world will slow down, the more it will slow down the person. However, these are only the outer data. Every one of us can also influence this.

There are situations you cannot escape. However, when you individually advance toward the Creator, toward His revelation within yourself, you experience these situations in completely different aspects; instead of stopping after receiving a blow, oppositely, you can speed up your movement.

This can be compared to a launch of a space shuttle in the direction of distant planets. When you launch a space shuttle a far distance, the space objects that exist between us and the target object serve as sources of acceleration. If the space shuttle is moving toward them with a certain trajectory, they will attract the space shuttle and will accelerate its movement; however, they will not let it approach them. It is like they pull the space shuttle toward them, it moves faster, eventually skips them, and continues to fly further.

The same is happening in spiritual work. It seems to you that these bodies that are together with you on the path can slow you down, attract, and even swallow you on the way. However, in reality they only accelerate you and you skip through further.

Question: Does it mean it is unrealistic to make a calculation about what is good and what is bad?

Answer: No, only maximum advancement with the help of yourself, the group, and the entire humanity.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How Do They Leave Kabbalah?” 7/14/12

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