States of Disconnection

259.02Comment: Sometimes a person is strongly thrown out of spiritual work. He starts to back off. Maybe he will slowly get closer afterward, but he is already distancing himself.

My Response: We will see later. In the end, he is not going anywhere anyway. Of course, it may take years.

I gave an example of when I was studying with Rabash, a man who had not been there for ten years came back one morning. Then the same morning a second man appeared who had not been there for fifteen years. I quietly asked Rabash: “Who are they?” He replied: “This one has not been here for 10 years and that one for 15. That’s it, they started coming back.” So a new circle began.

It was very interesting to watch those who returned. They did not have any feeling that they had left the group at all. It was strange to see it! As if a person did not have those years, he fell and woke up ten years later. And no one even said a word of reproach to them. Then it struck me!

And now I am not surprised by this and in no case do I worry that I have invested so much in someone, and then they would leave and maybe even say something against our methodology. I understand that they may come back later.

It is not man! These are his internal changes that are simply necessary; otherwise, he will not reach the revelation of the Creator. He must go through everything! If he is driven forward by the light, then all states are good for him.

Question: So these people had to go through a state of disconnection for 10 to 15 years?

Answer: I do not know. After this has passed, you have to say: “Yes, this is how it should be,” but not before that.

Of course, in those 10 years, they could have achieved something more. But, in principle, this is how the program manifested itself, and it depended not only on them. After all, they are a small cell in the huge body of all other souls connected together.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. How do They leave Kabbalah?” 7/14/12

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