What Did the Prophets Predict?

963.6Question: You say that everyone has their own purpose. How can Jews see Arabs as an important element; they are not just brothers for them, but enemies as well?

Answer: I do not think this is a serious feud. There can be no great enmity between these religions. I know from the sources that there should be a confrontation. It is said that at the end of the days of the world, at the moment when it begins to improve, the Arabs will be at enmity with the Jews, hate them, hate the entire world, and want to subjugate it.

There is a book in our archive in which the sayings of all the prophets are collected.

The prophets are people who lived mainly at the time of the First Temple, even before the exile to Babylon 2,800 years ago. They wrote the book Prophets (Nevi’im), which together with the Torah and Holy Scriptures (Ktuvim) make up the Tanakh.

The prophets that lived in the period 600-800 years BC, closer to our era, wrote about events that will happen in the future, because, based on the upper structure everything was clear to them. This has been known to all Kabbalists since the time of Abraham, but only the prophets have stated it.

They predicted that there will be a long period of confrontation between Islam and Christianity, they would fight cruelly, but in the end, they would turn against Israel together. Then, oddly enough, they will start wars.

But we are talking about spiritual wars. To what extent they will manifest in the matter of our world is unknown. It depends on us, whether we will need such blows to begin to change ourselves and show the world the way it should be. It also depends on freewill and on the way the Jews will react.

I hope that we are preparing the ground so that this does not happen. Already today we can change the entire world for the better.

Yet, in general, the prophets describe very bad problems that must necessarily happen in the spiritual world. Whether they will happen in corporeality depends on us, to the extent that we will be running ahead of our internal change it will not be needed externally.

According to the thought of creation, to its structure, there should be a confrontation between three lines: the right (Islam), the left (Christianity), and the middle line (Judaism). All of them must change, rise to their spiritual source, and unite there in their one single source. This is Abraham.

Abraham is the upper Partzuf Hesed, that is, the highest detail in the upper scheme, which should correct the entire world, which is the entire former Babylon.

In his time, Abraham was able to correct only one node of the general system of the universe, that is, only a part of Babylon, which left together with him.

After all this perturbation for 4,000 years, Abraham’s group underwent tremendous preparation. The entire world, that is, the entire former Babylon, which has dispersed all over the world, has also undergone very big changes. Now the same force called Abraham, with his disciples, meaning us, can correct and show the world its correct state.

Today it is quite possible to explain and express this since there already is a basis. I believe that over the years of the existence of Bnei Baruch, we have already created it. There may be a few finishing touches missing, but they will always seem to be missing. It is always possible to improve and adapt the methodology for the masses more and more. This is what we are doing.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call, Arabs and Jews“ 4/28/13

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