Secrets of Kabbalistic Text

216.02Question: You said that Rabash taught you the principle of opening a book to any place and to start reading the source. Why is it often used?

Answer: When I have a few minutes of free time or I want to renew my thoughts, I take some source, open it randomly, and start reading from any paragraph. Then I begin to think along with what I read.

Question: It is interesting that in those moments when there is some kind of disturbance and people try to concentrate on some passage, suddenly everything lines up and falls into its grooves. Is that how texts work? At what level does this work take place?

Answer: It takes place on the spiritual, on the deepest level, which is in us and has nothing to do with the body. That is, you gradually establish contact with your true body, which is not connected with our flesh.

The text connects us with spirituality, not the letters themselves, but rather what they create in you. This should play within you. It acts inside you.

Question: But does it have limits so that it does not turn into a routine? As in, I took out a book, prayed, and went on.

Answer: No, we are not talking about ordinary prayer here. It is about being included in the internal state that depicts the text.

All Kabbalistic texts speak of some connection between creation and the Creator. That is, I connect with everyone or maybe I do not even connect, or this is already going on subconsciously and is connected with the Creator.

Question: How can we read and enter this piece of text correctly?

Answer: Keep any book next to you, even a book of Psalms (Tehilim). Open it on any page, read a couple of sentences, and that’s it. Then get included in them. Or open Shamati (I Heard), or statements of the Kabbalists about anything. But Shamati is the best.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Secrets of the Kabbalistic Text“ 4/30/13

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