Why Do We Betray Each Other

294.4Question: There was a story on a Russian website that listed who betrayed whom and how, and how it ended up. There were literally two thousand comments in an hour, which shows that there is a feeling in humanity that betrayal is terrible.

An example was given of Jack London; he was macho, washed gold on rivers and so on. And he died of depression at the age of 39 after his friends betrayed him. Other examples are Edith Piaf and Russian singer Vladimir Vysotsky. Charles VII betrayed Joan of Arc. There were a lot of betrayals listed.

According to psychologists, by the age of 40, a person may have only one friend, and not always even that.

Victor Hugo wrote, “I am indifferent to the stabbing of the enemy, but I agonize by the pinprick of a friend.”

When teachers asked an audience: “Has anyone suffered betrayal?”—the whole audience raised their hands. They were students, practically children; what have they been through at all? But they already know what betrayal is.

Is there any way to protect yourself? Is it possible to distance yourself? Is it possible not to bear the terrible blow of betrayal at all?

Answer: The Creator presents us with such cases—novels, stories, and detective stories—that no one would ever come up with.

Comment: Now you have quietly transferred everything to the one who organizes it all.

My Response: This is because we need to get close to the source, after all. And the source of betrayal is not a person. It’s just a game played by the Creator. The Creator arranges all these experiences for us. And the coldest ones, which are called betrayal, are also Him.

Question: How do we protect ourselves?

Answer: There is no way! Only when you are sure that you are completely in His power can you attune yourself to the Creator. If you approach the Creator, study Him, want to be like Him, and want to be close to Him, then you cannot just protect yourself, but you begin to acquire the same qualities He has, and you are no longer afraid of such tests.

Question: Let’s say I experienced a terrible betrayal. I can barely stand it all; I’m just burning all over, and you say, at this moment or a little later when my anger diminishes a bit, I need to direct everything to the thought of where it came from, and not to the one who betrayed me?

Answer: To the Creator! What does the little man have to do with it?! He’s a doll. And the puppeteer is the Creator.

Question: So I have to start a conversation and work with the Creator? And let go of this man who allegedly betrayed me? Are you saying he didn’t betray me?

Answer: You can’t demand anything from him! He’s a doll! That’s all. And so you feel calm. You don’t see any traitors or devotees around you, nothing and no one. You see dolls. And the Creator from above plays with all of them on a thread and that’s it.

Question: You say that when we hate someone, we should instead start to change ourselves and change our attitude toward the Creator. And that’s it?! Is this all our work?!

Answer: That is all. But this is the hardest part.

Question: Meaning, if I can control myself in such a way that I direct all my efforts to work with the Creator and only with Him, then everything will begin?

Answer: Then you need to rebuild in general what is truth, lies, loyalty, and betrayal.

Question: All concepts! All concepts disappear. Now you have taken and practically removed the concept of “betrayal.” It turns out that, from the other side, it is not there. Do you mean that I can’t blame anyone?

Answer: No. Not love, nor hate, nor devotion, nor loyalty; there is none of this.

Question: Should I direct the vector at myself and that’s it?

Answer: Yes. But it is beautiful and true, it is pure!

Question: Then will it be a pure experiment?

Answer: Yes.

Question: But then I hate Him! At the moment of my hatred for the traitor, you say: “The Creator does it; He exposes it.” That is my first feeling: “I hate the Creator!” Is that true?

Answer: Certainly! Naturally! There is no question about it! If you hate anyone at all, it is the Creator. You always really have a relationship with Him!

Question: And how does my hatred of the Creator change?

Answer: We do everything only with the Creator. We are attuned only to Him. And everything that seems to us that we are in some kind of good or evil relationship with each other is all pure lies!

Question: Why does the Creator do this to us?

Answer: So that we can put this whole world aside and deal with Him alone. But in order to do this, we must be pure, either absolute egoists or absolute altruists. He doesn’t tolerate anything else. Another thing is that all this is already called slag, or dirt. Therefore we need to tune in only to the Creator and deal only with Him.

Question: How does this state of my complaints, hatred, and prayers to the Creator such as, for example, “Leave me alone!”—how does this go into another state, a state of love?

Answer: It turns into prayer; that I want to see His actions behind everything that surrounds me, both within myself and all around me, that there is none else but Him!

Question: Is this the main prayer?

Answer: Yes. For Him to reveal this to me.

Question: Is this the main change in a person? And does it change everything, the whole world, everything?

Answer: It changes everything. It turns everything upside down! It turns my head! Because I always thought somehow that you were connected to something else, dependent on someone, and doing something else. In fact, no one does anything!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/11/22

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