Study: Elixir of Life or Potion of Death

522.01Question: Is being present at the lesson bestowing to the Creator? By the fact that a person comes to a lesson, is he bestowing to the Creator and bringing Him contentment?

Answer: Not necessarily. Absolutely not. It is said that study can be either the elixir of life or the potion of death. The study does not happen by itself but by the way a person perceives it. It depends on why he is studying.

Let’s say I am going to study now in order to be a great expert and show everyone that they don’t know anything. Do I bring contentment to the Creator with this? Am I doing good in the world through this? This does not mean anything yet.

The intention is the most important thing and not the fact that I perform any action of study, work, etc.

Question: And if a person dragged himself “by the ear” to the lesson?

Answer: What is the difference? Dragged himself, so what? A good student dragged himself by the ear because tomorrow is the exam. Would that make him a saint?

The question is why do people come to the lesson, what is their intention? We do not need the ones that come just like that. Kabbalists consider such people to be the most harmful. Please, let them go to others, but not to us. If a person is not purposeful, it is a burden, ballast.

Question: You also said that it is better not to wake up, lie in bed, and gnaw at yourself that you did not come than to come and sit with pride that you are now present at the lesson, right?

Answer: Yes, of course. Everything comes from the recognition of evil. According to how a person analyzes himself, he moves forward. If I am sitting at home and I feel how insignificant I am and I cannot even get out of bed, then I am much closer to the Creator than when I am sitting in class and trying to understand the material to show everyone how smart I am.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call, Contact with the Creator” 4/19/13

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