Preparation Is The Key To Success In The Study

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should a student prepare himself for each lesson?

Answer: Any study begins with preparation, and we need to understand the importance of it. To prepare for the study means to clarify what I want to achieve by it. Then, the study becomes a means of achieving the goal. Preparation specifically determines the direction in which I advance as I study. For this reason, preparation is more important than the study, and this is what the student must learn.

The wisdom of Kabbalah differs from the corporeal sciences where the direction is clear from the beginning: I want knowledge and nothing else. However, in Kabbalah, I don’t want knowledge. Rather, I want to change myself so as to bind myself to others. The entire study is a means of achieving this connection with others and, through them, with the Creator.

If I have learned all kinds of information during the study, but haven’t made even the slightest step in my inner correction, this means that the study was useless. What was missing from the study was the proper preparation, intention, and goal. This is the only way to evaluate if the intention was correct. Knowledge in and of itself is irrelevant.

Some people are drawn to the structure of the upper worlds and their actions. Others are more concerned with the psychological aspects, history, and tendencies of development. However, Kabbalists pay no attention to the quantity of knowledge for “it’s not the wise one who learns” (Lo HaHacham Lomed). Everything depends on using the wisdom for the soul’s correction.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/1/10, Kabbalah Learning Approach

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