Love as a Gift to Creation

119There is nothing but love within the Creator. However, the Creator creates various conditions within the desire to receive that should help us understand what love is and attain love since it is something totally incomprehensible for us.

Love is something alien and unclear for our egoism, something that goes against our nature. How is it possible that when I taste different treats presented in front of me I would actually sense the host from their flavors? What is the connection between one and another?

This is the essence of the creation, “existence from nothing” and within this “nothing” there is something from the “existing.”

Therefore, from nothing, from the desire to receive pleasure, I can come to the existing one. This means that from the impression within the desire to receive pleasure I can reach love, the property that is completely detached in absolutely everything from the creation.

Suddenly, as a result of some actions and processes within the desire to receive pleasure a miracle happens and it reaches the property that belongs to the upper, divine nature.

It remains completely unclear for us how the actions “give-receive” lead to the birth of a miracle called love. Love does not have anything to do with the desire to receive pleasure whatsoever.

Every time and at any rung, we have to replenish our actions and impressions experienced in the desire to receive pleasure in order to collect them all and raise them for the attainment of the property of love.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/9/12, Talmud Eser Sefirot, Part15

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