Feel it All on Yourself

961.2Comment: Many students go through states where they are unable to get up, they oversleep and do not come to the lesson.

My Response: I also went through such states; I stayed in bed and could not move. So what? Everyone has to go through them in order to understand one’s true nature. You must discern it in yourself.

This is good! When you go through these states, you eventually begin to understand the real nature of everything that exists. No matter how it happens, a person must feel for oneself what is given to him and with the maximum effort for and against.

Without it, a person will have no awareness of evil, good—nothing. One has to go through all this because otherwise he will remain a small animal.

I had huge difficulties, but I did not miss lessons. I drove myself into fear all the time so that I would not doze off. This is my life; I must be a Kabbalist, I must learn everything, understand it, and pass it on to others.

I was given such an opportunity: “I live and study with the last greatest Kabbalist from the entire chain of ancient Kabbalists and I am obliged to take everything from him and pass it on to others—to all of humanity. This is such a great mission and I am obliged to fulfill it.”

I took on this mission on purpose, without trying it on like a small child, and drove myself into this position. “I am obliged,” l took it so seriously. All in all, it is a huge responsibility to collect all Rabash’s notes, books, and notebooks; maintain his archive, write down every word, accept it all, and pass it through yourself, that is, to invest as much as you can, invest in getting a cast from all his thoughts and desires.

Question: Is it right that when people in a group see a friend in a difficult state, they try to help him somehow?

Answer: Right! We must help! We must play the importance of the goal in front of him as much as possible and pull him out of this state. It is not an easy method, not an easy way. You are working with your own nature. There is no such thing anywhere.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Whole Truth About Kabbalah” 3/14/13

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