A Special Soul

962.6Question: When you say that a person who attains spirituality burns from the inside and it really begins to be felt, do you take analogies from what you perceived yourself?

Answer: Of course from myself! Everything that exists in the world, a person lives through himself. Look how everyone lives their life: short or long, more or less prosperous, suffering, with problems, a little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Question: You are talking about such scorching things! Did you really have to go through this yourself to feel all that?

Answer: By going through it, I saw that if I deviated to the right or left line, I would either turn into a “flatbread,” or it would be something perfect—a soft down pillow that would smoothly slow down my train.

Question: So, when you went through these states, did you clearly feel each of them?

Answer: Yes, because a person usually walks in the middle line. He still hits a barrier that slows him down, but it is like hooks grabbing you when you need to stop. These grips slowly slow you down.

Question: And everyone will have to go through these states?

Answer: Of course, it is a must: the right and left lines upon which you build the middle line. It depends in what form, that is, to what extent. In accordance with my soul, I had to study so much and disseminate so much. There are such souls among the souls, not high, but just special. They are required to be teachers or leaders in charge, and so on.

Once we visited a former student of Rabash and he, looking at me, said: “I look at you and how many years you have been doing this. I remember once you had a fight with everyone, including Rabash and refused to go to the coast with him. Then I went with him. And there I asked him: “Rav, why don’t you expel this Laitman? Look what he allows himself!”

Rabash replied: “I would kick him out, but he has a special soul.” I did not understand it then, but now I see that you do not give up, you continue and keep hitting one spot all the time.”

Why am I saying this? Not to spotlight myself. There is nothing special about it because the Creator appoints and removes. But everyone simply has a mission, and it must be fulfilled. I feel it pressing on me, and I am implementing it. Is it possible to escape from it? It is forbidden. Whether you agree with it or not is your problem.

I am trying to agree, to justify the Creator’s plan, in relation to myself at least. Therefore, I have no questions about how I live. I feel that it must be done.

And what is interesting about Kabbalah, the more you study, the more you realize that this image you are playing now does not really exist. Nothing remains of a person! It is in our world, in its history, we remember great or famous people, positive or negative. But there is nothing left at all! That same integral point remains in the huge system, which played its role because the Creator played it that way. And that is it.

So, I have a very simple mission. I am trying to do the maximum of what I feel from my science. As much as it works, it works, as much as it does not, it does not.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. To See the Future” 2/5/13

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