Special Period of Development

963.1Special souls are descending into our world now because we are in the last stages of correctionIn the past, we went through a lot of stages in descending from the upper world through five worlds. From the point of higher energy we developed together with our universe, then with the Earth and the geological processes it went through, and then through the evolutionary development of vegetative and animate nature, we came to the appearance of a man. And human history also spans hundreds of thousands of years.

Only today, in our generation, for the first time do we begin to rise from below upward, reveal our true existence, and try to pass from our world to the upper world to be born in it.

We are like in a womb in our world and we must mature in it. This is the completion of our development.

Now we are at the last stage of development, so it is becoming more conscious. People have questions and dissatisfaction with what they have. All this accumulates up to the point where we feel how nature itself presses on us, and we seem to squeeze ourselves out of this world and pass through the birth canal to the upper world.

This state is very stressful. In Kabbalah, it is characterized as the last state before the birth of all mankind. Therefore, it is not surprising that what we are experiencing now is a special period of development.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Special Territory” 5/17/22

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