The Inner World of an Autistic Person

631.5Question: Can autistic people be engaged in correcting their soul?

Answer: Yes, there is no problem. There are of course, different degrees of correction, in a similar way as how ordinary people have different levels of development of the soul and their “I,” their human essence. After all, there are people who do not understand this and live automatically, there are more developed people, and there are those who already want to develop spiritually.

The same thing is true for autistic people. Among them are individuals who are in very deep inner processes, there are those who are between the two states, and there are those who are unable to carry out spiritual processes, i.e., they act like most people in our world who mechanically deal with a narrow specific area such as mathematics or computers.

This attracts them since these are absolute things that are in their control, do not involve contact with other people, and are not under the control or changes of others.

This gives them a sense of security, a base from which they can walk, and somewhere they can find themselves, like a closed room, like something of mine, my order, and everything in which I keep myself. Otherwise, they simply do not understand and will, in a sense, fly away. For them, this condition is very disturbing because they yearn to be only in a limited space.

It is the same with math and computers. A place that has a very clear question and answer and rigid communication is clear for them, understandable, and therefore attractive.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Special Territory” 5/17/11

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