The Philadelphia Experiment

222Comment: Allegedly, in the fall of 1943 a U.S. Navy destroyer was made invisible and teleported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Norfolk, Virginia in an incident known as the Philadelphia Experiment. The US Military refute this incident. The urban legend holds that huge electromagnetic fields, which, if properly configured, would cause the light and radio waves to bypass the destroyer and the ship would disappear.

If we can trust some information, this experiment is based on Einstein’s “unified field theory.” According to his close friend and colleague Dr. Russell, Einstein nevertheless finished the “unified field theory,” but claimed that people were not ready for it and would mature only after the end of the Third World War.

Is it necessary to wait for the Third World War to reveal this law of the “unified field” to humanity?

My Response: Probably, yes. Maybe it will teach humanity something. But, of course, I am not a supporter of such a dramatic development of events and acute experiments.

Indeed, Einstein conducted experiments with the “Eldridge” and the light field, when objects disappear before our eyes. They themselves do not disappear, but disappear only from our sight. However, what does it mean “it disappears from the outside or not”? What do we have besides sight?

All these experiments are very strong, big, and great. Einstein, of course, revealed many things and still did not revealed many other things to us. This is clear from his statements.

From all this, we can say that humanity should receive a bludgeon or a slingshot in accordance with what level it is at. Of course, the methods of extermination that we have at our disposal today do not allow us to sleep peacefully. It would be better if our neighbors had bludgeons and slingshots. We would be able to stand against them. But with what we have today…

It is indeed possible that a third world war is ahead of us. Einstein was right that without a clear recognition of suffering, that is, without an understanding of where it stems from, humanity will not grow.

According to Kabbalah, not only a third, but also a fourth world war can happen. Imagine that even after the third one there will still be something left and the fourth one is also possible.

However, there is an opportunity to reach the correction in another way.

A world war itself will not give anything. If it passes over us like over animals, then animals suffer and die. Humanity, however, must realize that it is suffering because it has this egoistic quality, which in no way will allow it to exist normally either here or in any other conditions.

It is necessary to bring a person to such a state. We hope that we will be able to do this through the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah explains to humanity the meaning of life, the meaning of nature, a clear law of global interconnection. It follows from them that we need only one thing: to reach an absolute balance between us and nature. This is the basic law of nature—the law of homeostasis. Only then will we live comfortably and safely.

When we reach such a balance, we begin to feel the inner power of nature, an exit to another level of it, and to see that our life is perfect and eternal. Eternal!

That is, the ascent above the level of time and death is what Einstein assumed in his experiment, but did not want to show it to humanity because people would use these forces completely from the other, egoistic side.

In order to come to the correct use of the forces that he engaged in the Philadelphia Experiment, it is necessary to mature. Therefore, he said that after the Third World War it would be possible to reveal something to shallow egoistic people, but not before that.

We hope that first we will present them with general knowledge about nature, about what we can actually reveal if we unite with each other, and then humanity will have a perspective, which is, eternity, perfection, harmony, and knowledge of how to come to this through connection with each other.

Nowadays, we are already very close to beginning to understand this.

I hope that, after all without a Third World War, we will bring humanity to a state where we can give it the idea of existing above time and space, something that Einstein wanted to confirm with the Philadelphia Experiment.
From KabTV’s “Close up. The Philadelphia Experiment” 10/24/10

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