Great Kabbalists Are Special Souls

laitman_740_02Question: How could great Kabbalists like the Ari, Baal HaSulam, Rabash, and others enter the perception of the upper world alone without a group, without a teacher? Today, there is a lot of material that wasn’t available before and good conditions that didn’t exist in the past. Yet in spite of it all, it is very difficult to cross the border between our world and the spiritual world.

Answer: First of all, we can’t compare ourselves with the Ari, Ramchal, and Baal HaSulam. There are special souls who come into this world because they occupy particular places in the collective soul, like the heart, lungs, or liver in the human body, for example. These are parts without which the body cannot sustain itself.

There are also organs of secondary importance whose function is not imperative for the operation of the entire body that basically carry out the instructions of the rest of the organs.

We learn that our body is constructed and organized like a soul. It has a brain, bones, sinew, flesh, and skin, in general, all the parts of the body from top to bottom and inside and out, precisely according to the structure of the soul.

So, there are souls that descend into our world and are developed in it according to special laws for them. If we consider how a fetus develops in the womb of its mother, first one part develops, then another, after that another part, then the first part again. Generally, it is a very interesting order.

The wisdom of Kabbalah scrutinizes this order and explains it. Medicine simply indicates the facts that it sees, but no more than this, while the wisdom of Kabbalah provides a precise explanation for why different parts of the body develop in a such a manner at different times and following a particular sequential order.

Thus, the Ari, Baal HaSulam, Rashbi, Rabash, and other great Kabbalists are special souls who came into our world to leave their continuity in it in the form of the foundations of the collective soul, while we cannot consider ourselves to be like these.

If we had the same preconditions that they had, we would behave and feel this world completely differently. We are simply parts of the collective soul, and all of our work can be summed up in being mutually connected as described by Moses.

It is written in the Torah that Moses developed in a special way. Batya, the daughter of Pharaoh, found him in a cradle floating in the water. Therefore, she called him “Moses” from a word that means “to draw out,” taking him out of the Nile. She took him to the royal palace, and he was brought up as a prince, the grandson of Pharaoh.

When Moses grew up, he became a huge Kabbalist and took his brothers out of Egypt. The moment he did this, his father-in-law Jethro, the king of Midian, the great leader and priest of the Midianites, came to him. He taught Moses how to reconstruct the entire system, and Moses listened to him and divided all of the people into tens, hundreds, thousands, and so forth. Each one had to know his place and work on a connection with others. Since then, it has been customary to do this.

Special individuals like Moses attained an exit to the upper world in a completely special way in which the discovery of the Creator existed, while we work as the Torah commands, gathering as tens, the tens gathering as hundreds, hundreds into thousands, and so forth. In this manner, we invite the Upper Light to influence us. It elevates and purifies us, and we achieve discovery of the upper world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/30/16

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