Benefit of Klipa

627.1Question: What is the “greatness of the Creator“? What does “His greatness is concealed from me” mean?

Answer: This means that you do not feel Him, do not see Him, do not understand Him, and cannot influence Him in any way. Accordingly, He seemingly does not influence you.

Question: Does it mean that a Klipa protects us from the light of the Creator?

Answer: Yes, it protects us from coming closer to the Creator. If not for this, we could hurt ourselves a lot. It is similar to how we are afraid to leave a child alone with some kind of devices or circumstances that could harm him.

Question: We are studying that the Creator is the power of love, bestowal and unity. If the force of love is revealed to me, how can I use it to my own detriment?

Answer: Of course you can. You will want more from Him than you can use correctly. Then you will have to be limited.

Question: Does it mean that the Creator’s love for the created beings can be used to one’s own detriment?

Answer: Of course. Big time! This is a terrible force! Therefore, there is a Klipa that does not allow you to do this. It conceals this possibility.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/21/22

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