A Klipa Preserves the Fruit

232.08Question: What is a Klipa in spiritual work?

Answer: Klipa in Hebrew means “peel.” Let’s say that if we want to get to the center of some fruit, we need to clean its outer part, which is called a Klipa or peel.

It is not just a peel. It allows the fruit to grow, mature, and become fit for its intended use. If there were no Klipa, then the fruit would rot; it practically would not grow at all.

Everything starts with the Klipa. It grows and devlopes, and only in its last stage does it form as a thin shell, inside which there is a sweet fruit.

Question: In principle, the literal translation of “Klipa” is a “peel” or “shell,” but the semantic one is impure forces, right?

Answer: It is forces. Do not immediately call them impure, because they help the fruit to ripen. They surround it and ensure that all sorts of pests do not eat it. That is, the Klipa preserves the fruit.

Once the fruit is fully ripe and ready for consumption, the Klipa reveals that there is good, delicious, sweet fruit under it. Then a person can pick it, clean it from the Klipa, and use it.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States”, 8/21/22

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