Who Will Be the First to Receive a Blow?

918.02Question: Why is a country like Thailand, which appears to be inhabited by people with very little selfishness, constantly being attacked by nature?

Answer: This is a very difficult topic that is completely incomprehensible to us because it has to do with the origins of souls.

The fact is that there are connections between souls that are intertwined from ancient Babylon, from where all human civilization originated. Therefore, from the current geography we cannot say what is happening at all. The poor Thais or unfortunate Japanese, who are they actually? What relation do they have to all of humanity, to egoism, to suffering?

We do not understand this. But according to the law of the general spiritual desire, the so-called vessel, the most subtle, most receptive parts are first to receive blows.

Basically, where do I feel physical pain? Actually in my head, although it seems that I feel it in my leg. But if you disconnect the leg from the head, then the leg will not feel this pain because it is felt precisely because it passes through the brain.

There is such an internal connection between us that if something we think of as good happens in one part of the world, then something bad can result in another part and vice versa, or these parts are somehow divided among themselves.

This is similar to the way a fetus grows in the mother and how completely different parts of its body develop seemingly without any connection with each other. In fact, it occurs according to a strict internal program, but we simply do not know it.

However, it can be revealed, but for this you need to know exactly the map of the soul, its parts, and their interconnections. And that is the entire world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Branch of Sakura” 5/15/11

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