The Picture of the World Is Depicted Within Us

715Question: How is the brain able to translate such an avalanche of frequencies that it perceives with various senses: frequencies of light, sound frequencies, our specific perceptions of the world? How do we produce this avalanche from the general flow of information?

Answer: All our senses are only conductors, nothing more. These are nerve endings that are supposedly involved and carry out some kind of influence inside. In fact, they get nothing from the outside.

Such innervation is given to us so that we feel ourselves and create this picture within ourselves. In practice, we are the final recipients of information that we receive from outside. This information exists all around us. And everyone forms a picture out of it within himself.

This picture is allegedly created by our eyes, ears, with our five senses. In fact, it is created from the information that we receive. We depict a picture of the world within us.

It seems to us that this world is outside, and supposedly our senses receive all the information from outside. This is such a deceiving thing. In the future, humanity will reveal this in full.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hologram” 7/28/11

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