To Taste or to See?

276.02Question: The Creator and nature have the same numerical value of 86. This indicates that from the point of view of the Kabbalists who have attained this phenomenon, the Creator and nature are identical. What does this mean?

Answer: The Creator (Boreh) and nature (Teva) are one and the same. Everything that is around us, except for a small individual egoism of a person, is the Creator.

Question: How does it happen that nature and the Creator have the same numerical value?

Answer: It is the same. We are talking about things that exist. All of nature, everything that exists, is the Creator.

People who discovered this phenomenon called the Creator Boreh from the word “Bo u-Reh” (come and see). In this way we approach Him and examine Him, as it is said: “Taste the Creator,” like a child who puts everything in his mouth because taste is the strongest sensation.

We sometimes do not feel tactile sensations, but taste sensations are the closest to us.

Question: To see the Creator is somehow understandable. Hearing is even more understandable. But to taste…how is that?

Answer: To taste is the closest, the truest sensation of man because he absorbs everything inside and feels everything inside. And you can see and hear at some distance, i.e., these are secondary explorations.

Question: What does it mean to see the Creator?

Answer: It is the same as you see a person and can identify him by some signs and enter into some kind of contact with him.

Comment: It is easier with a person, we see him. But we do not see the Creator, He has no image.

My Response: Make it so that you can see the Creator. Here we are already starting to get interested in the wisdom of Kabbalah, the science of revealing the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual states” 6/7/22

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