Where Are We Going?

400Question: Can the behavior of Jews around the world, and American Jews in particular, lead the world to the Holocaust?

Answer: It depends only on the Jews themselves. Our world is arranged in such a way that Jews exist in it for a reason. They must bring to humanity the method of unification first of all among the Jews and then among all the other people around them. Without any difference! So that the world will eventually come to an absolutely general state.

And if the Jews do not move toward this state, then terrible world excesses will begin at the level of nature and climate, at all levels, until nature breaks us. And nature is the Creator.

It will nevertheless make us understand that rapprochement between people is the main factor that will enable us to find the right life.

Question: It turns out that we as the chosen people slightly anger the Creator with our behavior. As I understand it we are elected or is this also a myth?

Answer: Yes, we are elected. But we were chosen in order to unite and show the whole world the possibility of uniting. And if we do not do this, then the whole world instinctively turns against us. And this is the reason for anti-Semitism.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 1/5/22

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