We Are Holding The Key To Happiness

400The UN has issued another statement condemning Israel. However, we must understand that the main reason for the hatred of Jews is the fact that we are not fulfilling our purpose in the world, which is to explain to all nations how to achieve good connection and peace; otherwise, the world will slide further down its downward spiral.

The growth of antisemitism comes from the general law of development of humanity. If humanity has to develop and we do not sweeten this development through our correct behavior, then we cause hatred toward us. This is a law of nature.

Therefore, antisemitism will grow, and there is only one solution, which was described in the wisdom of Kabbalah and in the Torah thousands of years ago. We will not be able to escape from our mission. We have nowhere to hide. There is no place on Earth where we would be able to exist if we do not establish correct relationships.

Then it will influence all the nations of the world and they will look at us differently. Everything depends on the good and correct connection between Jews because the people of Israel were assembled from representatives of all the nations of the world. Only in this form can we oblige all nations to good association and connection, and then peace and tranquility will come to the entire world.

We are holding the key to happiness for the entire world. I cannot express how painful it is for me to see how people suffer and do not find solutions because they do not understand in what form nature operates and what interconnections exist in it. Yet, there is a solution. According to what the wisdom of Kabbalah and the Torah say nothing is required except for one thing: to bring the people of Israel to unity, and we will thus cause all the nations of the world to unite.

Unfortunately, it is easier for Jews to unite with their enemies and haters than with each other. After all, uniting with each other belongs to correction, and uniting with haters belongs to corruption. Our stony heart is drawn to corruption.

While we do not do that, nature will be beating us. Two days ago, more than hundred people died as a result of a tornado in the US state of Kentucky. In a few seconds, the city turned into ruins, an apocalyptic scene. And nature is already preparing more tornadoes.

It is possible to stop all natural disasters by uniting people. Let’s try. Maybe it will help right now. The force of unity of people is more powerful than any tornado, any natural disaster. It is even stronger than the upper force.

Any disaster—a hurricane, a financial crisis, a viral epidemic—all these are blows of nature in response to the lack of unity between people. The connection between people is the most internal force in the world, and if it is not sufficient, then nature reacts with blows.

Yet, people cannot unite because there is a group in humanity called Jews. This group is mandated to come to unity first and thus awaken the feeling in all the nations of the world that unity is the cure for all troubles.

Therefore, the nations of the world need to turn to the Jews and demand that they start working on their unification. This is what the United Nations is for. Instead of condemning the State of Israel, let them protest against the people of Israel all over the world for not working on unification in order to prevent natural disasters in all corners of the world in any form.

It does not matter in which country a Jew lives, in Russia, in America, or in Israel, whether he is rich or poor, any Jew who does not work on unification causes disasters in the world. Therefore, time is running out, we need to unite right now. Only if we show the entire world an example of unity, will we fulfill our purpose.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 12/12/21

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