A New Stage In The Revival Of The Spirit Of The People

294.1Israel is a country with a special inner spirit. But unfortunately I often hear from young people that they do not feel this spirit and do not believe that they have a future in the promised land. The problem is that the spirit that once filled the people of Israel, both in religious and secular environments, is disappearing. And there is nothing to replace it.

Have we already lost the war against indifference, against fear, against neglect of our country? I think that this problem starts from the very top, from the educational system and from culture. We do not care about ensuring the correct upbringing of the younger generation, thinking that everything will work out by itself. But nothing will be fixed by itself.

Therefore I think that there is a large field of work to try to bring back the spirit of life, the spirit of struggle for myself and the entire people of Israel. I am sure this is possible. After all, we were in conditions much worse than this at different periods of history.

I think we can get up. But there is a lot of work for this, depending on such organizations as Bnei Baruch, which, without loud shouts, work painstakingly day after day, trying to revive and rekindle those sparks of spirit that still exist among the people of Israel.

It depends on school programs, on what TV channels show to viewers and radio broadcasts. All this requires investment. It is necessary to raise the spirit that has always been present in the people of Israel and has awakened in the most difficult moments of its history. Everything depends not on the millions who remain indifferent or semi-indifferent, but on those few people in whom the heroic spirit remains, those who are ready to talk about it and build a new society.

The people of Israel are not based on belonging to a particular geographic area, but only on the union of the Jews. And we must fight for this union. If we can convince the part of the people who are in the land of Israel that our good future depends only on our unification, then we will succeed.

Unfortunately it is characteristic of our people that they can endure blows for a very long time until they begin to awaken and want to change their future. I really hope that we will not have to fall into a deep pit in order to rise from it again and revive national pride, strength, and power. We must use all means to fight for the high spirit that we want to see among the people.

In our time, based on the works of Baal HaSulam, we can begin a new stage and affirm a new national ideal that will raise us to a new peak in order to bring all of humanity to the end of correction. At a time when people are seized by despair, we have confidence that we can offer the confused and helpless world a reliable method and map route for achieving a good state, a state in which the Creator and all of nature will help us. We have something to rely on.
From KabTV’s “Conversation with Journalists” 10/17/21

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