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200.01Israel is not a very attractive country for immigrants due to the high cost of living, military service  requirement, and the threat of terrorism. The situation in the country is not simple and has not improved, but has only deteriorated over the years. And yet if I was faced today with a choice of where to emigrate, I would choose Israel again, as I did forty years ago.

Over the years I have visited many countries, gave lectures and talked about the science of Kabbalah, or just traveled to get to know the world. But I cannot imagine myself living anywhere else, in any other country; and although I have been invited to move more than once, I cannot.

I can’t imagine myself living somewhere in a foreign place, outside of my home. I feel at home in Israel. In order to move to live in Israel, a person needs some additional incentive. For me, such an incentive was a sense of connection with this country, with this people, with this land.

Although I don’t like this climate and the relationships between people, whatever you look at in material life, I don’t like it here. But between these islands of hatred there is a certain field reigning between all called “spirituality.”

People themselves don’t know about its existence, but I feel this spirituality.

In that place between one person and another where there should be love, now there is hatred; due to my attitude, my view, toward them, I turn hatred into love and live by it. I can’t find such spirituality in any other corner of the world. I feel that there is a special spirit in these people, and it will change, as it is said “a hero will grow out of a baby.”

There is a certain spirit here that can be born, come out of hiding and become a great source of spirituality for the whole world.

Therefore I want to live here and only here; there is no other place for me. Such a spirit can only exist in Israeli society. It will take more time to correct it, but only from it will come the upper light, the upper force that embraces the world and will raise everyone to full connection and integration with the Creator.

This spirit is not contained in the earth itself, not in stones, and not in people. But it exists in a potential form between everyone and can come out of hiding provided that people change their attitude to each other at least a little.

I have been everywhere: Moscow, New York, and many places where I was offered to stay in order to live in peace and prosperity. But for me this is unacceptable because it is impossible to get the feeling and fulfillment I feel in Israel.

In order to feel this high spirit, it is necessary to turn this hatred between people in your imagination and feel that it can be a source of spirituality, an accumulator of the upper force, an amplifier for feeling the Creator in our world. Imagine how the force of bestowal and love explodes inside this nation because of the opposite relationships that have arisen between people.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 10/12/21

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