Human Nature: Everything Is For My Sake

559There are only two forces in the world: the property of receiving and the property of bestowal.

The property of receiving is found on all levels of nature: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. We see its manifestations.

We do not see the true property of bestowal at all, as if it does not exist. This is what manifests itself as the upper force, the power of the Creator, which animates everything and controls everything; but we do not feel it.

We see only egoistic forces, each of which is aimed in some direction for its own benefit. This is the nature of our world. Its inner strength, the force of the Creator, energizes all matter. This is not a force that we can talk about, catch, or measure.

Spiritual actions differ from material ones in that they are not carried out for the benefit of the person who produces them.

Therefore if a person does something, it must be done for himself. If he is told: “Do it, but not for your own benefit,” he will not be able to fulfill it. Even if he is put in a certain framework and he does something in order not to be punished, it will still benefit himself.

Other actions are not inherent in us because we do not have the properties corresponding to them: the properties of bestowal, disinterested love, something that does not bring any benefit to the person who produces them.

That is, in addition to egoistic actions where a person clearly understands that he performs them for himself only, there are also spiritual, altruistic actions that he does not do for himself, are not directed at him, and do not return to him.

We cannot perform such actions, but we can gradually master this nature with the help of certain skills by attracting a higher altruistic force on ourselves, which, acting on us, gives us the opportunity to act in this way too, not for ourselves.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/7/21

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