Why Is It Forbidden To Tell Fortunes?

563Question: Some medicine men positively influence others, heal them, and help them. But in the Torah it is written that it is forbidden to tell fortunes. Why?

Answer: Because it does not go through the right forces. In accordance with the general system, a person must produce positive energy around him, communicate with others with it. Thus, they will build a positive field around themselves that will properly guide them through life, heal and support them.

Question: If a person has the ability to heal other people, should he do that or not?

Answer: Usually such people receive permission from above, just like Kabbalists. And if these are not serious people, then they do what is convenient for them, what is profitable.

Question: Can all these phenomena in our world advance a person to the revelation of the Creator?

Answer: In the end, we will be convinced that nothing will help us except to do what the science of Kabbalah says. It means to reach such a state where only good deeds, good communication between us, will bring us closer to the only higher source of power, and He will be revealed in us, and we will be in Him. This is the real purpose of humanity.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/1/22

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