Not Magic But Reality

49.01Question: People have always shown interest in anomalous phenomena and magic. Over the past millennia the understanding of magic has not changed much.

The so-called ordinary sorcerer’s kit includes healing diseases, communication with supernatural objects, telekinesis, and the ability to foresee the future.

How does Kabbalah relate to this? After all, a lot is taken from Kabbalistic sources.

Answer: I do not think much is taken from Kabbalistic sources because there is nothing in Kabbalah that is related to supernatural earthly phenomena. They are only attributed to it.

In fact, Kabbalah does not talk about the supernatural, but about the natural, about what actually happens. However, in order to feel, sense, and influence oneself and others, one must possess certain supernatural abilities, feelings, and powers.

But this is not a miracle because anyone can develop such abilities. Just like a small child who watches what an adult is doing, it seems to the child as a miracle. And when the child grows up, he himself becomes an even greater magician than the one he considered as such in childhood. Therefore, there are no miracles here. There is knowledge and mastery.

Question: Is there a root of sorcery and magic in the spiritual world?

Answer: Again, for someone who understands, knows, and possesses these phenomena, this is not magic or mysticism. For him, it is not even paranormal, but absolutely normal phenomena.

Comment: But, for example, there are people who can move objects. And Kabbalists, as far as I understand, do not know how to do this.

My Response: Kabbalists do not set this as their goal. Their task is completely different: to reveal the Creator. And this can be achieved only by reaching the level of the Creator and not by all sorts of tricks.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/1/22

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