Protection From The Evil Eye

556Question: How can we protect ourselves from the evil eye, from curses?

Answer: We do so only by good deeds. There is nothing else! Besides this, there are no armors or antidotes to protect a person. Only good deeds can protect us.

Comment: Yet many people seek help from healers and fortune-tellers.

My Response: Sometimes, of course this interests us. There is a certain truth in what they say. But I would not advise it; there is no point.

Since we are all interconnected, we are in the same system and we always unconsciously influence each other with both good and evil deeds, but mostly negatively.

And if we want to influence each other positively, we must do what the wisdom of Kabbalah advises—neutralize our bad inclination and change it to a good one.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/1/22

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