How To Protect Yourself From The Evil Eye

626Comment: Recently, the topic of the evil eye has been given a lot of attention because the hatred of man for man has increased. And a person is afraid of the evil eye. At the same time, scientists still claim that this does not exist, that it is all invented.

My Response: No, I don’t agree with them!

Question: People hang all sorts of keychains from the evil eye. There are online tutorials on how to prepare such a keychain, and how to make an amulet from the evil eye. It is known that this is thousands of years old. Do you think there is an evil eye or not?

Answer: Yes. But it’s not such an evil eye that I looked at you in some special way. By our desire, we are all bound together in one great common desire, which the Creator created, and so we can influence each other with our desires, each from his own level where the root of his soul comes from. Therefore, by thinking ill of others, I hurt myself and hurt them. I do harm because I act through my desire.

Question: Is this happening unwittingly?

Answer: Yes, of course. People don’t know that. Why is our world so bad? Because people think that way about each other!

Question: From the fact that they sort of flatten out the other?

Answer: Sure. Does anyone wish the others well? It turns out that our whole world lives only on the evil eye. On disgust, on the rejection of people from each other.

The eye is the highest organ: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch are the five senses. And vision is the highest of them.
And so we have to worry about looking at each other correctly, that is, treating each other correctly.

Comment: You just said that our whole world is built on the evil eye.

My Response: Where have you seen a normal human-to-human relationship? Only in the negative direction!

Initially, we are not attuned for good. We are not initially set up for the right attitude to each other. We put on such conditions that if he treats me well, then I will treat him correctly, and so on. But initially I have no kindness for others. Why on earth would I? Why should I treat others well? I speak like a normal person in this world. This can’t be happening!

Man is made of evil! Man is evil! So, you can’t get away from it. Only education can lift him out of this egoistic, envious swamp, pull him out by the ears, bathe him, dry him well, hang him by the ears in the sun, so that it will dry him out well. And after that, you can start filling him with something good.

Question: Then this whole science of correction, called Kabbalah, is about how we can translate these evil thoughts, the evil view on which our world exists, into a good view?

Answer: Yes.

Question: It is about how to raise a person from this world to the world of a kind view, kindness?

Answer: Yes. This will already be a spiritual world. The upper world.

And our world is created in evil alone. Just evil, because a person relates everything only to himself, whether it makes me feel good or bad, consciously or subconsciously, unconsciously.

Question: If I am like this and I can’t change, what is the process of education that you keep talking about?

Answer: It’s about making you change so that you will draw upon yourself the positive force of nature, which is called the Creator, which will begin to correct your negative force.

Question: So we always say that in order to do this, we must understand that there is only a negative force in me? And hate it, really? Is this the starting point? Then I’ll want the good force.

Answer: Yes. That’s it!

This good force is all around us. Absolutely fills the entire space! Only we push it away, we don’t want it. We are specially created to rise above ourselves, to get out of ourselves, to this common force.

Question: Then we still have to understand that at ground level, in this world, we can’t do anything ourselves with these hands, with this head?

Answer: Nothing.

Comment: And all our attempts now to make a better society, a better world…

My Response: It’s the same toys again.

Comment: And humanity is still looking for some earthly leader.

My Response: It doesn’t know how to use the forces of nature! Meaning what Kabbalah gives us, and what Kabbalah explains to us. Kabbalah tells us how to get to this positive force of nature, to attract it constantly to ourselves and thereby, change the world. What does peace mean? What I see and feel around me, either with my evil eye or with my good eye, is what I call the world.

So, how do I change my evil attitude to the world for a good one? This is the whole science of Kabbalah, the science of getting the right impression of the place where you are, of this world.

Question:  Are the evil eye and corruption different things?

Answer: Corruption is a bad attitude toward everyone else, with the help of which I really bring a lot of damage to the system of forces that surrounds us, in which we are, like in a web, connected to each other.

I am already doing this deliberately. If I deliberately treat others with evil, I bring evil force into our mutual relations, I damage the world with it.

Question: Is it coming back to me that I’m deliberately ruining the world?

Answer: Yes, it is comes back to me.

Comment: That is, if in the evil eye we say: “touch wood, so as not to jinx,” that is, a person feels that something bad comes from him, then in the corruption I do not knock on the table, I go straight to kill him.

My Response: You concentrate all your evil on doing evil to another. By this you spoil the system of forces, this web in which you are placed, and it comes back to you. But it comes back through a thousand different paths, so you can’t connect it with your evil eye, which you turned on.

A person must learn to properly master the positive and negative forces. He can control them and make the world around him perfect and himself eternal.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/19/20

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