Source Of Blessings And Curses

546.02Question: Sometimes we feel that curses or blessings come from the Creator, sometimes from another person. Where does this come from? Who is the source?

Answer: Curses or blessings come from an upper source according to our desire. As far as our desire is good or evil, it can affect this source.

But all of us together are included in one single interconnected system called Adam. And of course, our thoughts, intentions, and actions are interconnected and determine the general state of each other and the entire system.

That is why we see our world in such an ugly state. Despite the fact that we are, in general, intelligent, developed people, our desire toward each other is egoistic. And that is why we only ruin each other’s lives.

When we talk about a certain line of misfortunes, it does not necessarily come from a random person, but comes from a common system and has many reasons.

Question: Could it happen that some person intentionally puts the evil eye on you?

Answer: This also can happen. These are different states.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/8/22

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