There Are Different Kinds Of Requests

562.02Question: Can I ask the Creator for blessings for family, friends, and humanity?

Answer: Yes. But the question arises: If I ask the Creator for something for someone, does it mean that what that person receives from Him now is not enough for him, it is bad?

After all, we all exist only by what we feed on from the Creator, what we receive from Him. If I turn to Him and ask: “Give me something else, please,” it means that I am saying the opposite: “What You give me is not enough for me.” Why do I receive that?

That is, I can turn to the Creator to receive something only if I want to increase my bestowal to others, to pass through myself. Otherwise, my request to Him to give me something is egoistic.

Question: It turns out that then it is a curse?

Answer: In general, yes.

Question: Can I ask for the quality of bestowal and love to manifest in others? Would this be considered that I bless them?

Answer: Of course. Otherwise, you automatically increase egoism in them. And if you ask for something else for them, then by doing so you harm people. It is called “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Question: And even if you ask for someone’s health?

Answer: This is a good question. It is not that simple. It is clear that if a person is sick, then this also comes from the Creator. All our states originate from Him. And if we pray for someone, ask, and try to improve or correct something, then we must understand what we are doing to a person, is it good or not for him. Therefore, very serious clarifications arise here, for which I ask.

Comment: But we are talking about a person’s inner desire. If this is my loved one, it is clear that I automatically want him to recover, and with this I turn to the Creator.

My Response: This is one of your desires. And the second one is when you address with an intention after you have made a decision.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/8/22

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