The Real Cause For Anti-Semitism

293It is the central point of what the Jews are commanded, this is what they have to do in the world. Of course, the Jews must part with the golden calf. We see what happens to them in all the countries of the world, how much they really hold in their hands—wealth, banks, transactions, trade and everything else. We see how successful they are because they use their special mental potential and willpower, but only in order to earn as much as possible.

Today this is harmful not only for them and for other nations, but also for all of nature. We have come to a state where altruistic, interconnected nature, which now reveals itself as one single whole, can no longer tolerate the fact that a person consumes more than he needs.

The Jews, ahead of everyone else, are simply devouring nature, wanting to snatch more and more from it. All this reveals to us a completely disfigured human essence when a person consumes more from nature than he needs. All nature, our entire civilization is closed, global. We cannot consume more than we need, otherwise, we upset the balance in nature, and it punishes us for this.

Today we are facing great problems, including environmental ones. This is much stronger and scarier than the weapons accumulated by humanity and the atomic bombs because what we are facing is a relentless recoil.

We as if cocked the trigger, and now the recoil will go in the opposite direction from nature to us. Therefore, what we are doing is very dangerous. And in this, Jews are also at the forefront.

In addition, unity with the huge global system in which humanity exists is not just reasonable consumption, but the need for interconnection between us, for mutual support, for creating one unified humanity on the basis of the ideal “love your neighbor as yourself.”

However, no one besides Jews can do it. There is a gene inherent in them that they must use in order to unite with each other, and then the entire world will begin to follow them, but only in this movement! If they begin to unite, the world will automatically follow them.

Then we will see a very interesting picture: how a small, scattered nation shakes off all its social, economic, and other problems it is immersed in, and begins to unite. As soon as this happens, all the other nations immediately, like a shadow, will repeat the same thing after it.

This is the true reason for anti-Semitism. The nations of the world feel that their bright, good, nice future depends on these little Jews who live among all nations and do not do what they should.

But when you turn to the Jews, unfortunately, they do not see, do not hear, and do not understand this. They consider you, first of all, even more anti-Semitic than other real anti-Semites. This is where a problem arises, we feel it for ourselves, although we relentlessly continue explaining to them what their mission is.
From KabTV’s “Conversation on Anti-Semitism”

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