Overall Victory

275War teaches us how much the common force, the mutual inclusion, the unification of people, is more powerful than the force of an individual who wants to rule over the community. There is a war between the general and the particular. And to the extent that the strength of the community overcomes the strength of the individual, this will determine the outcome of the war.

Previously, human society was always ruled by two rulers: power and money. But now, it suddenly turns out that truth does not win on the side where there is more money and more physical strength, that is, weapons, but on the third side, where there is power of unification.

Only this power is above all. There are no physical or financial wars left in the way of our development, only the war for unification. The unification will show us the correct state of human society in which everything will be fine and everyone will be satisfied.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/14/22, “Winning the War (Against the Evil Inclination)”

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