Can Love Be Forced?

552.03When the desire to receive begins to develop from zero, at first it is only a desire to preserve its existence. Then an intention is added to this desire. Why am I doing this? Why do I need it?

The initial degrees of the desire to receive care only about their existence; the inanimate, vegetative, and animate degrees are not called evil. This is just nature, and there is no evil in the nature of plants and animals. It may seem so to a person, but animals do not have an evil intention to harm another. Even if a predator attacks prey, it initially does not have the goal of harming it, it just wants to satisfy its hunger and nothing more.

However, the desire to receive directed at using another and enjoying harming others is the egoism of the human level. Therefore, we develop starting from the fact that we just want to take something away from others. But this is not called real evil yet because I want to take his possession simply because I like it myself. I have no intention of hurting the other, I just want to please myself.

Only when I want to harm another and receive joy from his humiliation, from his pain, then the real vile egoism begins. It turns out that in order to reach true evil, we need to develop our egoism.

This is why our world is now entering a stage where people are beginning to enjoy humiliating each other. I do not need your possessions, but I want you to feel that I am above you and you have to obey me.

An even higher degree is when I will do everything to ensure that you obey and serve me with gratitude. Although you do not want to love me, I will force you! These are real Klipot, impure forces.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/14/22, “Winning the War (Against the Evil Inclination)”

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