A Shadow Of The Evil Inclination On The Background Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom the start, I have no desire to reveal evil, that is, I do not want to see that I hate others and that it is evil. And if I hate them just in my daily life, it isn’t considered the evil inclination yet since it is my natural, animate egoism and not something discovered with the help of the Light.

If today, I am here in this world and hate other people, wishing to take advantage of them so as to acquire food, sex, family, power, and knowledge, then it isn’t regarded as the evil inclination. After all, I need to reveal not the ordinary, corporeal egoism, but the spiritual egoism that stands against the Creator, against the force of unification between the parts of the integral soul. At one time our souls were all one but were drawn apart due to the force of separation that entered between them.

A Shadow Of The Evil Inclination

The evil inclination is above our nature. Here, below, in this world, I have only petty, earthly egoism. But if I enter the group and start studying, then by that I start drawing from Above the Light from behind the Machsom (the barrier separating us from spirituality), where it resides. It starts working on me as the Surrounding Light that reveals the force of the breaking to me. This is something new that I have never felt before.

In this force of the breaking, I attain its opposite nature as well: I realize that it derived from the Creator, from the force that used to connect us. One stands in opposition to the other, and then I am able to tell them apart. Otherwise, there is no attainment if there aren’t the two opposites that I can compare. I can only see something as a contrast between the Light and the darkness.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/17/2011 on the topic of “I created the evil inclination, and I created the Torah as a spice”

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