A Perpetual Motion Machine That Runs On The Light Energy

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe haven’t drawn enough Light yet, and if we start using our corporeal mind to figure out where the evil inclination within us is, it will yield nothing but mere philosophizing. We act only within the Light; hence, we don’t need any assessments or examinations and must think only about our connection. We are simply not able to do it right now.

We have to draw a great deal of Light before we do get the power, understanding, and wisdom to feel what the “evil inclination” (Yetzer ha Ra) is. In truth, it is an angel, the force of the Creator which is opposite to Him. Only Moses merited the honor to face Pharaoh. Only after this whole long path will we come to Mount Sinai (the mount of hatred).

And how do you with your earthly heart and mind, having no connection with the spiritual world, wish to detect the evil inclination? In our world, there isn’t any evil inclination, not in any one person! If a person possesses a terrible character, it isn’t evil but merely a natural trait, like in a bully. First, we have to find the human in ourselves, which has to do with the spiritual degrees and properties.

“The Creator created one against the other,” impurity and holiness, which unfold as two lines now, the right and the left. Hence, during the preparation period, we don’t make any calculations but only strive to connect. And only after all these efforts do we come to Mount Sinai, to such a state when we are finally ready to receive the correcting force, namely because we have found the mount of hatred, the real evil inclination.

And it is only the very first revelation. Afterward, there come the 40 years in the desert and the conquering of the “land of Israel,” meaning higher and higher degrees of the revelation of evil, and so on to the very end of correction.

Therefore, we must think solely of the Light, unity, and nothing else! When the Light force starts effecting us, it is a completely different energy when we begin to function as a “perpetuum mobile (perpetual motion machine),” running on external fuel. It’s as if out of the thin air, on their own, the understanding and strength to do the job appear in us, which we don’t really have, meaning they were not supplied by our egoism.

Thus, no matter what we study, above all the thoughts of the Partzufim and Sefirot, we need to think about unity, the correction of the breaking. After all, the evil inclination is what is left within the Kelim (vessels) after the breaking.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/17/2011 on the topic of “I created the evil inclination, and I created the Torah as a spice”

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