Getting Ready For The Upcoming Meeting

Dr. Michael LaitmanA few times a day we need to perform a calculation and to examine the state we are in, our stance relative to the Creator, the environment, and ourselves—and to adjust our direction. We veer off the path all the time; it’s natural. After all, our ego is constantly growing and we have to add evermore strength to keep it under control.

I have to separate my animate body from the spiritual goal, to give the body everything necessary, and to direct everything else toward reaching bestowal, verifying it relative to the environment, according to how strongly I desire to connect to the latter.

Then I will not get confused, and it will be clear to me how much I need for a regular life, and how much I can give to the environment. That is, I will know precisely where I am and where my limit is. It is very important since if you feel a limit, you can guide yourself correctly: Give what’s necessary to corporeality and do everything possible for the sake of spirituality.

Now, before the convention, you have to examine how strongly you feel the need to connect. Awaken yourself by watching the recordings of the previous conventions so as to connect to the environment that is joyous and happy from its advancement. This prepares a person very well.

There is no time in spirituality: There is no past, present, or the future. Hence, when you are watching the recording, it’s not the past. We connect to the state which exist now. There is no difference whether I watch a recording done six months ago or participate in what is happening today. All these states join into one and the same reality. By getting inspired by the past, I can prepare myself for the upcoming meeting.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/2011 on Preparation for the WE! Convention

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