Let Us Not Demand “Give Me”!

Dr. Michael LaitmanI think that during the WE! Convention in New Jersey we will reach the connection that we are already capable of creating. It’s when everybody forgets about himself and gives himself away to the society, totally submerging in the common feeling of unity and the corrected collective soul in which he doesn’t feel himself, but only this collective desire.

Besides this, everybody wishes and does everything possible to preserve this state in us forever and use it to ascend higher and higher. After all, only thanks to such an environment, by applying mutual efforts with regard to it: I toward it, and it toward me, will we reveal the force of bestowal within. And then we will acquire the property of Bina, without expecting any reaction or feedback for ourselves. We will remain in joy from being ruled by the pure property of bestowal.

I receive strength and support for this only from the environment. I have to develop such an ability myself; otherwise, it will not be considered to be my accomplishment.

Obviously, for my current egoism this seems irrational: Why do I need to create the society myself, which would confuse me and impart me with its values, forcing me to act accordingly and even rejoice in it? Will it give me any benefit at all?

True, I will not receive anything for egoism—but I will rise above my nature. This is the first stage of correction called “faith above reason.” Later, thanks to this faith I will attract the Light of Hochma (Wisdom) “inside reason,” into the desire, by receiving in order to bestow. But first and foremost, I have to rise above my egoistic desire.

But unfortunately, we stand like children in a stubborn pose and demand the Creator to become revealed, being totally oblivious of who the Creator is and what His revelation implies. We have all the conditions for revelation of the property of bestowal: Go ahead, do it! But it is the property of bestowal which will be revealed, and not a new, very cunningly disguised fulfillment for your egoism.

And our disappointment only shows how egoistic our expectations are. We don’t even realize that we demand: “Give me!”

This is why the force of mutual guarantee is so vital. It supplies everyone with confidence, the foundation, the necessity to rise above one’s ego, to bestowal without any self-consideration and compensation. This is the first property of Bina, which we have to acquire.

The only thing we can do in our state is to constantly turn to the environment for help. Moreover, one shouldn’t ask for some fulfillment for oneself, but only for support that allows him to stay above egoistic demands. Joy comes from the “good deeds,” from an outward movement toward the others because this makes you similar to the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/21/2011 on Preparation for the WE! Convention

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