Two Degrees Of Prophets

276.03A prophet is a person who is in connection with the Creator. Therefore, the prophet has several functions, tasks, and actions. On the one hand, he is like an intermediary between people and the Creator. Moreover, intermediary in action, and not just as a philosopher or some kind of smart guy. He speaks to the Creator, or at least hears Him.

The prophets are divided into two degrees: “I heard” or “I saw.” “Heard,” when a person is at the degree of Bina, “saw,” at the degree of Hochma. And both degrees together raise him to the degree of Keter.

There are desires in a person that he must bring into adhesion with the desire of the upper force. There must be reciprocity, equivalence, and understanding. And from this arises the communication between the prophet and the Creator.

Any person can reach the level when he understands, feels, how to be in adhesion with one or another prophet. But it’s not simple.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/13/21

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