Crossing The River Jordan

509Question: What does crossing the River Jordan mean?

Answer: This is the border between the states of a person when he is still in egoism, but he already has a direction and knows to what he should aspire. He fights with his internal and external enemies, the thoughts and intentions for his own sake that arise in him.

Thus he approaches the River Jordan and crosses it. This is the border, these are wars, these are battles, and these are great efforts of a person over himself.

Question: Does it mean that he is already at the degree of mercy, Bina?

Answer: No, this does not mean anything yet, because deeper disturbances arise at the degree of Bina itself, in the form of so-called “nations” that exist in the land of Israel. A person must overcome them by purifying himself of all egoistic intentions.

Question: Why does the crossing take place exactly through the river?

Answer: The river, as a rule, means purification. Therefore, just as they crossed the Red Sea, so they should cross the River Jordan. Even those who then return and live across the Jordan should cross it.

Everyone should participate in conquering the land of Israel, that is, pull out of themselves all egoistic desires. Only then will they be able to correspond to the quality of Bina.

Question: What does it mean “came over this Jordan on dry land”?

Answer: The fact is that if you correspond to the degree at which you are now aiming, then there are no barriers for you.

Everything makes way before you, and you move from one shore to the other. Yet, the border always exists, and it is always in the form of water, in the form of purification.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/13/21

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