Existence From Absence

548.02The system of Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey (HaVaYaH) is a system of the four-stage descent of the Creator’s light, the property of absolute bestowal, love, and goodness to a state opposite to itself. This property of bestowal develops in the desire to receive and creates a huge egoistic system out of this desire.

Question: Existence from existence is Keter, the first degree. And where in this system is existence from absence?

Answer: The desire to receive is already inherent in Keter. We cannot study anything in which there would be no desire to receive or define some property that is disconnected from the desire to receive. Therefore we have no way at all to define something that does not apply to us.

Question: Is existing from absence the primary matter or is it the very last stage in the development of egoistic desire?

Answer: No. Existence from absence is already the emergence of four stages of direct light, when the last stage ends with the creation of a real desire to receive, which is opposite to the Creator. This is existence from absence. The desire to receive, egoism, was created precisely from the Creator’s desire to bestow, saturate, and fill.

Question: Does this mean that existence from absence is the complete opposite of the Creator in properties and not just a primary material, i.e., a general desire to receive?

Answer: Yes. But in this four-stage development there is a black point that the Creator created out of nothing. This is creation. The only thing created by the Creator is something existing, an egoistic beginning from nothing. And then everything developed according to the laws of nature.

Question: Are these laws also created by Him?

Answer: Yes, but these are the laws of nature. There is nothing special about them. The peculiarity of the entire system of the universe is that out of nothing there appears an egoistic point of desire, the opposite of the property of the Creator. The desire to receive for oneself in Kabbalah is called afar (dust), because it is incapable of independent life, reproduction. Since egoism thinks of nothing but existence and absorption of everything into itself, it cannot have development.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/19/21

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